Collection of Papers

The school-conference “Problems Allied to Universal Algebra and Model Theory” takes place each odd year since 1995. The NSTU publisher issues Collection of papers Algebra and model theory (ISSN: 2619-0486) since the 2nd Conference (since 1997). Each submitted article meets an independent peer review process before publication.

There are references to the issues of Collection of Papers from past conferences below.

Editorial Board of Collection of papers
“Algebra and Model Theory”

Aims & scope

This Collection of papers seeks articles related to Algebra and Model Theory. Its scope will include the following topics:

  • Equational classes, universal algebra
  • Basic properties of first-order languages and structures
  • Quantifier elimination, model completeness
  • Finite structures
  • Countable structures
  • Uncountable structures
  • Groups
  • Rings and Lie algebras
  • Model-theoretic constructions
  • Categoricity and completeness of theories
  • Interpolation, preservation, definability
  • Classification theory, stability and related concepts
  • Abstract elementary classes and related topics
  • Models with special properties
  • Properties of classes of models
  • Effective and recursion-theoretic model theory
  • Model-theoretic algebra
  • Model theory of ordered structures; o-minimality and their variations
  • Logic on admissible sets
  • Second- and higher-order model theory
  • Nonclassical models
  • Abstract model theory
  • Jonsson theories
  • Topologies on classes of theories and their models
  • Applications of model theory

Guide for Authors

Papers applied for publishing in Collection of Papers must be made in Latex in accordance with the following example . For preparation of the text the class file amlcoll3.cls is needed as well. This file should be placed to the same folder as the file with the text of a paper. This is necessary to compile the file in accordance with the given Latex class.

All authors and reviewers are strongly encouraged to carefully read information given here concerning the scientific publication ethics.